The Journey Towards Global Domination

How does one actually take over the world? Or at least maybe a piece of Marketing Dominance?

While the title may catch the attention of some three letter agencies, this is what I work towards EACH DAY.

Yes, every day.

Each morning I spend time learning more about the marketing business, specifically affiliate marketing, and how to implement. On top of that I read how other, successful people are doing the same thing.

But Bill, isn’t marketing saturated with enough people?

Trust me, there is plenty to go around…it’s all about the niche.

Throughout the day I ponder how to implement, how to improve, or are there any changes that need to be made with what I’m already doing. And after getting finished with my corporate job for the day (it keeps the lights on for now), I spend another hour at minimum implementing. Or better stated, putting plan into ACTION.

I wish I could say that I am financially successful at this very moment. But I can’t. I make a buck here or there with some various affiliate links but it just means I can buy a candy bar or as my current manager states, I can have 2 toppings on my pizza tonight.

The reality, however, is this. I am working towards a goal. Implementing the best way I can at the moment. With a little more guidance, planning and maybe some improved tools, I will be successful.

I tend to not jump on the scale every day to see if I’ve lost weight or if there is money in my account. I set some time each week to go through that ritual. I log into my affiliate dashboards, choose the offer that appeals to my niche and send it out. That’s only AFTER I have provided value by creating a post like this, answering questions, sharing other company/people’s posts.

The ratio I have been given is 30:1 – Add value 30 times for the 1 time ask. While I will be testing that over the next month, it seems like a valid thing during the build phase and certainly if I want people to respect me.

Keep checking back as I walk through this journey. I’ll share what I can, especially any AHA! moments.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive

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